With Shanghai City Tour, you can enjoy the ancient and modern culture preserved in the city of Shanghai. A lot of famous places to visit.

Price includes

  • Transportation between the your home to scenic spots
  • 8 hours, 100km usage
  • Car, driver, insurance, telecommunication
  • Toll fees
  • Scenic spot tickets

Price do not include

  • Parking
  • Usage beyond 8hours or 100km limit
  • Tip for your tour guide
  • Meals


With Shanghai City Tour, you can enjoy the ancient and modern culture preserved in the city of Shanghai. A lot of famous places to visit.

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Shanghai Zhujiajiao (Water Town)

Shanghai Zhujiajiao (Water Town)Zhujiajiao (Chinese: 朱家角; pinyin: Zhūjiājiǎo; literally: “Zhu Family Corner”) is an ancient town located in the Qingpu District of Shanghai. The population of Zhujiajiao is 60,000. Zhujiajiao is a water town on the outskirts of Shanghai, and was established about 1,700 years ago. Archaeological findings dating back 5,000 years have also been found. 36 stone bridges and numerous rivers line Zhujiajiao, and Read more

Shanghai Yu Yuan (Yuyuan Garden)

Shanghai Yu Yuan (Yuyuan Garden)Yu Garden or Yuyuan Garden (Chinese: t 豫園, s 豫园, p Yù Yuán, Shanghainese “Yuyu” lit. Garden of Happiness) is an extensive Chinese garden located beside the City God Temple in the northeast of the Old City of Shanghai, China. It abuts the Yuyuan Tourist Mart and is accessible from the Shanghai Metro’s Line 10 Yuyuan Garden Station. A centerpiece is the Currow ancient stone (玉玲珑, Yù Línglóng), a porous 3.3-m, 5-ton boulder. Rumours about its origin include the story that it Read more

Shanghai Waitan (The Bund)

Shanghai Waitan (The Bund)The Bund or Waitan (Chinese: 外滩; pinyin: Wàitān, Shanghainese: nga3thae1, literally: “Outer Beach”) is a waterfront area in central Shanghai. The area centers on a section of Zhongshan Road (East-1 Zhongshan Road) within the former Shanghai International Settlement, which runs along the western bank of the Huangpu River in the eastern part of Huangpu District. The area along the river faces the modern skyscrapers of Pudong District. The Bund usually Read more

Shanghai Lujiazui

Shanghai LujiazuiLujiazui (simplified Chinese: 陆家嘴; traditional Chinese: 陸家嘴; pinyin: Lùjiāzuǐ, lit. meaning “Lu’s mouth”), formerly known as Lokatse from its pronunciation in Shanghainese, is a locality in Shanghai, a peninsula formed by a bend in the Huangpu River. Since the early 1990s, Lujiazui has been developed specifically as a new financial district of Shanghai. The decision to earmark Lujiazui for this purpose reflects its location: it is located Read more

South Bund Fabric Market

South Bund Fabric MarketThe famous Shanghai “Fabric Market” is home to hundereds of tailors and seamstresses, and is the city’s prime destination for bespoke clothing garments. If it can be stitched and sewn, they can do it for you at the South Bund Fabric Market. Be advised to bring cash, in case cards are not accepted, which is Read more